Improve your Tango with Feldenkrais

;ove Better. Stay Mobile. Dance More.

Do you want to dance more?

Let me tell you about something which is close (very close) to my heart and which has helped me to dance better and longer during my 20 plus years as a passionate tango dancer.

Some reasons why this could be very game changing for you as well:

  • You are looking for different ways to improve your tango dancing.
  • Everybody else seems to move smoothly and effortless endlessly in a milonga.
  • Even after many tango lessons you are nowhere near feeling comfortable on the dance floor.
  • Back pain and sore feet are the usual outcome after a milonga or even a tango class.

If you are nodding while reading don’t stop now.

What I have to offer might exactly be what you are looking for but never knew it existed: The Feldenkrais Method.

Even better you can benefit from it wherever you are in Europe via Zoom.

My in person classes at popular tango events in the UK and Germany and since 2020 my virtual classes have helped many tango dancers to move better, to stay mobile and to dance more.

Here are just a few of the testimonials from tango dancers:

I joined the (Feldenkrais) workshops Bärbel offered at Tango Feast and found them to be so very helpful in relaxing my feet and my body so that felt I just danced like an angel for the whole 4 days and nights. Bärbel generates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and injects warmth and humour into proceedings. I am looking forward to the next time! Thanks Bärbel! X

Pamela N, Move Better with Feldenkrais Workshops @ Tango Feast Christmas edition 2018

Just to say thanks for the [Tango & Feldenkrais] workshops at Sheffield [Tango Festival] they have been a great benefit to me I am moving easier in my tango and in daily life.

Steve F, Tango & Feldenkrais Workshops @ The Sheffield Tango Festival 2019

Just wanted to say how much a difference a few weeks of work has made to my shoulders, neck, and overall body awareness. Started this to get better and more grounded when I dance, but the knock-on benefits I see in just moving about through my daily life has been a revelation. Thank you!

Jack M, tango dancer and participant in online classes 2020/21 [his personal Feldenkrais & tango story]

If you feel curious and want to experience Feldenkrais classes with me first hand please have a look at my website

Or reach out directly via email (not phone nor facebook) and hear about your options to your Feldenkrais journey.


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